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Ants are generally found in sunny climates


Ants are generally found in sunny climates as they can survive there easily. You can spot them at any place. There are 1000 ant species in North America itself when the number of species is around 15000 throughout the world. Argentine ants, Fire ants, Pharaoh’s ant, Blackhouse ant, Bulldog or bull ants, Carpenter ants, Garden ant, Ghost ant, and Pavement ant are some of the common ant species found in the US. Such ants create a lot of problems when they enter the home. The main issue is that we fail to know when they start foraging outside so as to prevent them from entering the cupboards.


They search for food in different areas by following trails that have been left by other ants. Thus the ant clusters become trouble for everyone in the home, as well as offices. The best thing you can do is to find out their entry points and seal them off. Look out for small earth piles in the around holes as well as the lower part of the exterior walls for their points of origin. Besides this, cleaning the sticky residues at any place is a good practice to prevent ants from getting attracted. Similarly, any foodstuff needs to be covered as they can attract ants.


Though there are many DIY products, they can't provide you the best solution when the ants are a huge problem. Thus you need to resort to expert pest controllers like Ehrlich's ant control service to get rid of it.


Among various ant species, carpenter ants are quite difficult to control. They are generally seen penetrating properties by traveling through the structural guidelines or the exterior part of the building its edges or corners. In the process of ant control, the carpenter ant satellite colonies are identified and attacked through the use of nest, perimeter and barrier treatments.


In the case of the odorous ants, their trails and nest are tracked by the technician. They are usually located outdoors but can travel to long distances for water and food. A final treatment after the initial one will be scheduled after a week or 10 days Red imported fire ants were initially found in the US in 1933 and cause trouble for the people of Florida and South Carolina. These ants that are native to South America sting humans in many numbers. Fire ants build mounds on the top of the soil at various places and around the mounds. They move to places in swarms when the mounts are distributed. It is a safer practice to carry out their treatment during the spring to reduce the chances of severe infestations. Carrying out treatment procedures near their mounds is the best way that can be opted for such ants. When a bait is used, they will feed on it and then enter back into their colony. If the bait successfully kills the queen fire ant, their colony will be easily destroyed. Though ants are essential for the environment, they need to be dealt with to avoid any kind of nuisance.

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