I have been using Allied Pest for six years, mainly for eliminating my yard of fleas. I have had no problems with these little pests and my dog likes that. I also used them for tentless treatments for termites. That took work, repeated visits for that. The manager and owner Miles Malmborg is very good to work with, he is very knowledgeable. The only downside is that they are very busy at times and waiting for an appointment is unavoidable.

Carolyn M.

Allied came out quickly and did a great job .The ants were a back a couple of days later and they came back to take care of them.


We have been using Allied for the past 3-4 years. Whenever one of our tenants call with any pest control problems, we simply call Allied and know that it will be taken care of. They have always responded promptly and we are totally satisfied with their work.

Coleen H.

Allied Pest Management was punctual and accommodating. They responded to my request immediately. They were very knowledgeable. They came when they said they would. They were able to come early to accommodate my plans. They provided written/email confirmation after our initial contact. They answered all my questions and areas of concern. They were informative. They performed the job timely and they were neat. They paid attention and were able to preview the job before immediately jumping in so that it was done with knowledge. They cleaned up and were very courteous. They offered a guarantee and paperwork at the time of completion. "I will use them again, if I develop a problem in the future or if someone needs a referral.‎

Arnold Joseph

My technician was very professional. He came on time and did as promised for a reasonable fee. We thought we had termites; however he found carpenter ants in our trees and treated all of our trees, as well as the outside and inside of our home. He used a pet and child safe solution inside. While here he found mouse droppings. He treated that as well. I was very happy with his professional demeanor. I WILL call Allied Pest Management again...‎


I'm a real estate agent and I needed some help with a property near Fort Lauderdale. My regular guy couldn't get to the job in time so I called Allied Pest Management. The technician was really sharp in appearance and knowledge and took care of the problem. The price was reasonable and I would not hesitate to call them again. I placed some of their cards in my office for others to use. They got their act together. I recommend.‎


I fear spiders more than death itself! Last month I was watching a movie with a friend when a spider crawled across the floor in front of the TV. After getting the daylights scared out of me, my friend said that I should call pest control and get rid of all the spiders and bugs. After a sleepless night I called Allied Pest Management and they arrived next day. It seems like they did a bang-up job since I haven't seen those 8 legged freaks since! Definitely worth coughing up a few bucks for piece of mind.‎


I own an older house in Fort Lauderdale. I hate to say it, but I had a little rodent infestation last month. Apparently they were getting in through a little hole in the foundation. I called Allied Pest Management and they were awesome from start to finish. The lady on the phone was a customer service pro. Traps were set and they patched up the hole for a reasonable price. The guy that came to the house was clean, well-spoken and polite (not what I expected from a pest control company). Seamless service. I would highly recommend Allied Pest Management Pest Control to anyone. Allied Pest Management is the best.

Lamar Witherspoon