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Sunderland suffers the most severe rat problem in all of the UK

A new study conducted by pest control specialists in the United Kingdom highlights Sunderland as the council with the highest rat issues in the entire country.

According to the British Pest Control Association, Sunderland gets more calls to deal with pests and vermin daily compared to other regions.

Statistics hold that 5304 people made requests to the council seeking to dispose of a rat. The percentage laid at 19 in every one thousand persons living in a particular area.

When you compare these numbers to the previous year, you find an 8% increase, which implies the worsening situation as it concerns rat infestation.

The British Pest Control Association attested to the fact that the rise in call-out numbers imply that the local authority is doing a great job at tackling the rat crisis in the council.

The council currently has a heavy workload trying to cope with the issue of pests in Sunderland. Complaints and reports about rats make up 80% of the calls and messages people send to the environmental team.

Sunderland is the City with the highest call-out rate for rat attendants in the UK

The technical manager for the British Pest Control Association, Dee Ward-Thompson, opines that several reasons exist or could be attributed to the rising numbers of some pests across several localities.

According to Thompson, some areas have a large number of food establishments or storages, leaving them open to pest attacks or infiltrations. For some areas, the absence of timely bin collections will pose a pest problem.

The technical manager also highlights the possibility of some authorities having rural areas in their region, while some have urban areas around them.

Regardless of these realities, Thompson reiterates the fact that higher call-outs might simply be showing the ability of a local authority to handle issues relating to pests proactively.

British Pest Control Association handed out Freedom of Information requests to all the unitary authorities, boroughs, and the 390 districts in the United Kingdom.

Nearly all respondents replied, except for 26, but the replies were enough to make an assertion.

The replies show a shocking reality; the number of responses by councils reduced by 22% in the past year and dropped by 1/3 within 5 years.

The British Pest Control Association also notes that job cuts have increased by 25% since 2015, thereby reducing the numbers of employees working with the local authorities. These cuts adversely affect the pest control endeavor in Sunderland.

Thompson opines that local authorities are facing lots of pressure in terms of finances, and this has been on for five years. Due to this financial constraint, pest control in the city has gone a notch down.

Councils that were famous for providing free pest control have either stopped the service or attached charges to the service.

The study by the British Pest Control Association shows that pest control authorities who still offer free services have reduced the number of responses they make to pest invasion reports.

The slow responses have largely impacted pest control, and the future is looking worse than the present situation.

The goal is to make sure that this issue does not affect the public health situation in Sunderland and the rest of the United Kingdom.


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